The old and the young

These old, bleached trees once held the dunes beneath their green branches. Since destroyed by fire, the sands are free to shift where the wind would take them, and the dunes now move about, changing from day to day.

Balancing light

On the edge of the sky.

The crossing

Winter clouds work their drama. County Kerry, Ireland.

By a thread

A rescuer moves across a horizontal high-line during a training exercise somewhere on Table Mountain.

The Mountain Club of SA (MCSA) search and rescue team is a highly motivated, highly trained group of climbers. They offer their services - time, energy and expertise - free of charge to the community, and are regularly called out, sometimes to risk their lives, day and night.

Skin and gold

A less boring way of presenting jewellery is to focus on the whole point of such adornment. The enhancement of form, a display of the aesthetic with the view to elevating the beauty of the human form. Style; mystery, and wonder.


This photograph of a jewellery piece is part of a project imaging the unique creations of the artist jeweller AnGela.

An enormous amount of time, effort and emotional energy goes into the design and manufacturing of each item.

This brooch was hand crafted by AnGela in her Stellenbosch studio in sterling silver and 18ct gold. View her blog and other amazing forms of wearable art here

Space age

This is part of an ongoing commercial shoot for Silverback with which I've been involved. Mostly this has involved imaging whole bikes, but in this case I had to photograph a state-of-the art carbon fibre racing frame.

It was shot in my studio, and credit for the processing, background and logo must go to Stephen Symons, who was also responsible for the bike decal design.


Mel Stewart, guitarist and lead vocalist of the band RipCord.

Sunrise in the canyon

This image really is best viewed large - just click on it.

Three sisters

Three sensational siblings in studio.

Flat Stanley live

Clinton, guitarist with Flat Stanley, live at the Assembly in Cape Town. May 2009.

(Flat Stanley are in the process of a name change to macStanley, due to some issue with using their name in Europe).

Go figure.

Holly and the Woods

Melissa Conradie, lead vocals with Holly and the Woods, live in Cape Town.
May 2009.

The Problematiques

Rock chick with Fender.
Sulene van der Walt of the Problematiques, live at Roots.

Louise Day Band

The vibrant and talented Louise Day, live at Ku De Ta.

Forest of change

This photograph was taken when work was begun on the new 2010 soccer stadium in Cape Town.

I wanted to show something of the frustration I felt at the whole thing, this ghastly abomination that would soon appear to blight yet further this city's skyline.

The final edited image makes me sad.

Josie Field

Josie Field and her band during their gig at Mojo's.

Josie picked up three SAMA nominations for her new album "Leyland".